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Wednesday, 5 August 2009



well ive just got back from hanging around stockport with gg. Seriously i picked the wrong day to wear a longsleeved top.
Ive just looked at these photographs of Ness i have to say there pretty god damm good.
Oh story for yall..... well you know them little rides where you put like a £1 in and you get a min of the car moving up and down, YAR! well me and gg went on one today but it took your pictures whilst the car was moving.
After waiting for an hour for the pictures to come out, we had no luck the machine was obviously broken. daymmmm!!
was fun thou. Talk to yall soon
Peace out homedogg.


ColdPrint Members said...

lol those little rides are funny.cant wait to see the pictures lol that should be funny