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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

OMG 26 followers.

Hi hiyall , its jess.
Seriously guys
we never ever thought we would get this many followers
We really do appericiate it, it makes us feel loved LOL.
i didnt do much today , i rearranged my room so it now looks bigger woo.
We also have another gig on friday , that should be good cant wait!
i also did my hair in a diffrent way , i backcombed the top of it
i took some pictures but there on my webcam because my digital camaras broke ,
so there not very good , actually there terrible but oh well.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dont bother calling me baby.

hi guys ,
sorry no reecent post's , weve been busy getting ready to go back to school.
I actually can't wait, ive missed a few faces - so it will be good too see them again.
me and ness reccently took some new pictures , but because i have ness's phone i cant put them on ness will be on soon.
Im also sick of stupid guys, who are so ignorant and they don't care about others.
They come and flirt with you when everyone else is taken!
Anyways im off kids.

pictures tell stories ..

Friday, 21 August 2009

Just Having a Blast..

helloo, dudes! its your favorite girls

jess + vanessaa :} well i sort of fixed my charger so erm thats good
but with my luck i doubt it will stay like this forever so erm i might not be on
butt jess will be so its all good x
Anyway today was a pretty funny day haa, me and jess went to town in
manchester because i wanted a bag-pack i didn't end up getting one butt
i got another bag instead, i think its pretty nice but you know me i'll probably end up
buying another one ha! We went around looking for some ''cricket jumper'' for jess we couldn't find one in red or any at all, so if you guys no were you can buy one that would be very great :]
i also want to skateboard! i know it looks really hard but then again it looks fun to:} infact im gonna look for a skateboard on the internet now! Oh after that we went and sat near urbis its like a really cool museum we sat thre whilst the sun was shining listing to music, just chilling haha thinking about how great it would be to move to america i so wanna move! if i could move id leave in new jesery or new york ha well enough about that;] god then we went to urban outfitters they have great clothes in there and i didn't even notice that i left my phone there until we went into footlocker to look at pastries which are some awesome shoes + nike dunkers jess is getting a pair then i noticed, lucky a man and seen it and he noticed it was mine god i was so lucky ha, so how was your day today? comment to let us know
bye guys :)

-daisychian+JJ x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sick of this.

Okay hi guy's its JJ!

im actually in like the worst mood possible.
My only deecent friend has gone on holiday to marbella or something..
And the other two, are up each others arse's,
Soooo yeah you , next time you say someones UP my arse ,
go take a look at the person thats probably sat next to you right at this minuite,
yeah cause your probably at HER house now she back from her holiday
cause shes damn right amazing :|
Sorry guys about my ranting and also this might not make sense to you ,
but i had to get it out of my system.
Keep it clean , peaceeee

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Can't Wait..

Hello dudes!

its vanessa heree, and i just cant wait for the next summer holidays
mostly because this time, im going to america a place were ive always
wanted to go to hopefully we'll be going to new york
thats what i cant wait for, this summer holidays have been soo boring!
Well all i can sayy is i am so not looking forward to school i only have like 3 weeks left:(
But tomorrow im going shopping for a school bag, what do you think i should get
a gorgeous bagpack or shoulder bag what do you guys think ?


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

So Lushh!

Hey guys now people who love to be different +
who like bright colours will love this range of bags :)
they are cute,affordable and uniquely different
i for one would love to own one of these bags
so what do you guys think?
comment below xx