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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

OMG 26 followers.

Hi hiyall , its jess.
Seriously guys
we never ever thought we would get this many followers
We really do appericiate it, it makes us feel loved LOL.
i didnt do much today , i rearranged my room so it now looks bigger woo.
We also have another gig on friday , that should be good cant wait!
i also did my hair in a diffrent way , i backcombed the top of it
i took some pictures but there on my webcam because my digital camaras broke ,
so there not very good , actually there terrible but oh well.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dont bother calling me baby.

hi guys ,
sorry no reecent post's , weve been busy getting ready to go back to school.
I actually can't wait, ive missed a few faces - so it will be good too see them again.
me and ness reccently took some new pictures , but because i have ness's phone i cant put them on ness will be on soon.
Im also sick of stupid guys, who are so ignorant and they don't care about others.
They come and flirt with you when everyone else is taken!
Anyways im off kids.

pictures tell stories ..

Friday, 21 August 2009

Just Having a Blast..

helloo, dudes! its your favorite girls

jess + vanessaa :} well i sort of fixed my charger so erm thats good
but with my luck i doubt it will stay like this forever so erm i might not be on
butt jess will be so its all good x
Anyway today was a pretty funny day haa, me and jess went to town in
manchester because i wanted a bag-pack i didn't end up getting one butt
i got another bag instead, i think its pretty nice but you know me i'll probably end up
buying another one ha! We went around looking for some ''cricket jumper'' for jess we couldn't find one in red or any at all, so if you guys no were you can buy one that would be very great :]
i also want to skateboard! i know it looks really hard but then again it looks fun to:} infact im gonna look for a skateboard on the internet now! Oh after that we went and sat near urbis its like a really cool museum we sat thre whilst the sun was shining listing to music, just chilling haha thinking about how great it would be to move to america i so wanna move! if i could move id leave in new jesery or new york ha well enough about that;] god then we went to urban outfitters they have great clothes in there and i didn't even notice that i left my phone there until we went into footlocker to look at pastries which are some awesome shoes + nike dunkers jess is getting a pair then i noticed, lucky a man and seen it and he noticed it was mine god i was so lucky ha, so how was your day today? comment to let us know
bye guys :)

-daisychian+JJ x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sick of this.

Okay hi guy's its JJ!

im actually in like the worst mood possible.
My only deecent friend has gone on holiday to marbella or something..
And the other two, are up each others arse's,
Soooo yeah you , next time you say someones UP my arse ,
go take a look at the person thats probably sat next to you right at this minuite,
yeah cause your probably at HER house now she back from her holiday
cause shes damn right amazing :|
Sorry guys about my ranting and also this might not make sense to you ,
but i had to get it out of my system.
Keep it clean , peaceeee

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Can't Wait..

Hello dudes!

its vanessa heree, and i just cant wait for the next summer holidays
mostly because this time, im going to america a place were ive always
wanted to go to hopefully we'll be going to new york
thats what i cant wait for, this summer holidays have been soo boring!
Well all i can sayy is i am so not looking forward to school i only have like 3 weeks left:(
But tomorrow im going shopping for a school bag, what do you think i should get
a gorgeous bagpack or shoulder bag what do you guys think ?


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

So Lushh!

Hey guys now people who love to be different +
who like bright colours will love this range of bags :)
they are cute,affordable and uniquely different
i for one would love to own one of these bags
so what do you guys think?
comment below xx


Sunday, 16 August 2009


just to show how we appreciate you guys

btw we look awful HA


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hi yalll ;]
well we just came home from sonic boom
and let me tell you it was AMAZING!
seriously the bands ere good , it was so so hot
and we all looked like sweatboxes
ded good , fell into the mosh pit like
12 times and wacked my ear OUCH MAN"
yeah but we had a great time
but took no photos im afraid ,
anyways were off cause were tired.
Night guys .peach up.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Make it Your Own !

Hey its vanessa! just wanted to show you guys
me + Laura took some pictures today i think they look pretty darn good
ahaaa , well as usaually comment + tell us what you think :)
Soinc Boom is coming very soon so there will be loads of pictures of them (L)
jess will hopefully be making a post soon :} and we would like to share that are goal for the end of this week is 20 followers if we achieve this we will make a video post :D x
Peace Out dudess .


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Vintage Kicks.

I dont know about you but we just adore vintage things

its cute,trendy and unqiue. There pretty hard to find to but whayy

we still love it!


Tuesday, 11 August 2009


its vanessaa!

well today was really good, infact a very good day infact probably

because i wasnt bored out of my head, ha!

me + laura (one of my best friends)deiceded to make some fairy cakes aha

they turned out ,well not amazing but not bad either i was pretty pleased with the result :)

We've got some pictures here , i think thre pretty good example of summer in the uk ,

Well here they are comment + give us some feed back

any questions dont be afraid to ask:), as long as thre not offensive or anything

Anyways im off

Peace out dudes

-daisychain x

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hi everyone.

sorry ive not been online for a few days 
so like no posts,
we have a week till sonic boom and i have nothing to wear
ill go to town one day this week maybe 
i need some ideas guys.
Peace out homedogg

Its Good

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday jess was meant to but
i havnt heard from her :}
Anyway i'm just getting ready casue im going out with one of my
best friends shanace :] haha im just my mum comes back from work early
and gives me money haa hopefully she will, anyway dudes
i've gotta go
there will be another post to make up for yesterday
have a nice day
peace out

-daisychain x

Saturday, 8 August 2009


hihi people
it's jessica!
well today had been soo boring , iv'e litreally done noithing but eat.
btw vanessa hasnt been online but
just to let yall know
i have her sunglasses :L
thats the second pair i have .
anyways im off out now
PEACE bless.

Friday, 7 August 2009

its vanessaa!

well today ive just been having a lazy day

On the laptop, chatting away and on this

Hmm have you ever felt bored + in a arghh mood

Well thats one ive been feeling down the world seems boring when its not

Soo DO something different today thats what im gonna try tomorrow

hahaha :D

Peace out dudess


Thursday, 6 August 2009



well its me daisychains aha , ive got a few

more pictures to show yous ha! well these are my favourites


Bye Dudes :) x



So here they are guy's our new pictures , theres quite a few so yar'know just tell us what you think.

Seeing as my camras broke and these were took on a phone i think we did pretty okay :L


Well , hi its jessicarr!

im actually really really happy just like sorta noticed our blogs got followers.
Thanks guys we apperciate it xD
Ness's is at my house today so were gonna take some pictures , we'll put them up
comment on them if you have time .
Anyways i got the top of my ear pierced today, and i was so worried it was gonna kill.
it actually didnt  ,  just a bit painful now.
So alll good guys .
Peaceout homedogg.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009



well ive just got back from hanging around stockport with gg. Seriously i picked the wrong day to wear a longsleeved top.
Ive just looked at these photographs of Ness i have to say there pretty god damm good.
Oh story for yall..... well you know them little rides where you put like a £1 in and you get a min of the car moving up and down, YAR! well me and gg went on one today but it took your pictures whilst the car was moving.
After waiting for an hour for the pictures to come out, we had no luck the machine was obviously broken. daymmmm!!
was fun thou. Talk to yall soon
Peace out homedogg.

Hey everyone its vanessa here ,

Jess normally does the posts but i just want post something :)

Well today i decided to do some photography, its not amazing but its not bad either
i guess i had the erge to share what ive done with you all i hope yous like it ...

so check it out + comment on what you think

peace out dudes <3

love vanessa<3

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hi yalll , me once again.
it's almost like half 1 and i thought id do another post.

Ness and me are totally into photography , i take she edits.

Its a love hate relationship haha. On thursday we'll upload some

of our own photos , just to show you anyways im off to bed goodnight bloggers.

Peaceeee out

So this is it , the start of our blog. We thought we'd start a blog because its summer and seriously the rain here is crazyyyyy , seriously wake me up when the sun arrives.

Yeah so im jess and yeah here i am writing the first post. Well  me and ness have seen each other what once in thses holidays but we got sonic boom coming up so yeah welcome haha .
Peace out homedogg.